Welcome to Mike Greenberg's Music...

Welcome to The Magoo's Wake Music Portal, with special injections from some close, close friends.
Feel free to listen to or download any songs you wish.

Some assorted sounds from over the years:

Beach'in --> All Magoo

Traveling in Circles 

*** Inspired by the book: Many Lives Many Masters ***

Quiet before the Storm 

Good Times Ahead 

Freight Train 

Reflections --> Tom Mongillo - Guitars

*Remake - Tulip --> written by Tom Mongillo/Mike Greenberg

Tulip --> Tom Mongillo - Guitars


*Remake - Spared 4/18 

Red with N V 

*Remake - Red with N V -6/18 

It's Not Memorex 2022 --> Tom Mongillo - Guitars

It's Not Memorex --> Tom Mongillo - Guitars

Fearless  --> - Pink Floyd Cover

Toeless Boots 

In Memory of a truly 'Great' friend;  Redline, a few songs --> James Escabi - Vocals, Mike Greenberg - Drums & Back up Vocals

Mike Greenberg

I've had a weakness in my heart for the art, since conception,
or @ least as far back as I can remember...
All original music, lyrics, etc. It's me on all drums, vocals, guitar, & bass, on most tracks, 'cept where mentioned...

Thank you for listening, I hope you really enjoyed what you heard, feel free to comment: HarlesG@hotmail.com